... because mathematics is so beautiful, it's worth making art out of it"
— Eva Knoll, 1999

The "Giant Triangles" are a mathematics teaching manipulative in use since 1999. They enhance mathematical understanding by students interacting kinaesthetically and visually with them.

The bright colours and life-size scale have an immediate appeal. They compel students to cooperate and communicate about the shapes they build and go inside. For practical activity and detailed class discussion this goes far beyond the limitations of hand held models, screen or book images.

Often students are asked to build shapes having certain properties, so they can discover which shapes those are. Activities are engaging through all age groups, from when children can tie their shoelaces to pre-calculus. They range across many topics:

  • geometry
  • symmetry
  • number patterns
  • equations
  • graphs
  • angle
  • scaling of length, area, and volume
  • combinatorics
  • topology
  • conjecture, justification and definition building.
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