The equipment

The Giant Triangles are made of high quality kite materials in bright colors or transparent Mylar. They are equilateral, edges approximately 1 meter, and can be connected together to form 3-dimensional polyhedral figures that may be large enough for students to get inside. The experience of viewing large structures from inside and out is quite unique.

These triangles are light enough to be carried and constructed into shapes by children and can be tied using shoe lace bows at three fixed points along their edges. This enables students to quickly tie, untie and retie triangles as they construct and modify shapes made.

The strength and rigidity of the edges comes from light weight carbon fiber tubes connected in a triangle by a cord. The bright face colors come from tough Ripstop™ nylon sheeting which gives a glowing translucent light. Additionally clear Mylar™ sheeting provides the tough clear window triangular faces.

For more details, please consult our data sheet in either of these formats:

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